The Year In Podcasts 2023

The Door County Pulse Podcast hit some big milestones in 2023, surpassing 1 million listens all-time, and more than 276,000 in the last year. From 104 episodes, here were the 10 most popular episodes of the last year, covering a wide range of topics and guests. 

  1. What’s Up in Madison?: Assemblyman Joel Kitchens talked about the 2023 legislative session. 
  2. Child Care, Retail and Hotel Developments: A discussion about the new Door Community Child Development Center and a proposal for a new Fleet Farm location. 
  3. How Do They Get Away with Building Something Like That: Mariah Goode talked about zoning and development.
  4. Winter Entertainment and a Decision in Ephraim: A look at Ephraim’s decision not to expand alcohol licenses. 
  5. Federal Earmarks for Local Projects: A look at how some local projects got big federal dollars.
  6. Archival Magic with Dustin Renwick and National Geographic: The researcher talks about the Door County photos he found in the Nat Geo archives. 
  7. Are Banks Safe?: Nicolet Bank chairman Bob Atwell discussed a spate of bank failures and what they mean for the industry.
  8. What’s Next for Scandia Village?: Looking to the future at Scandia Village, which went on the market in 2023. 
  9. Gibraltar School Referendum with Superintendent Brett Stousland: Stousland joined the podcast to talk about the largest school referendum in Door County history. 
  10. Talking Improv with The Knobs: Members of The Knobs discussed the art of improv.