UUFDC Exhibition Explores Contested Borders

Terri Warpinski’s exhibition Surface Tensions: Three Landscapes of Division will be on display at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County (UUFDC) Aug. 7 – Oct. 3.

Warpinski is an educator and photographer with an international reputation. She’s retired from teaching photography at the University of Oregon and has returned to Green Bay, where she was raised, and where she and her husband have opened a gallery and studio.

Terry Warpinski

Created through a Fulbright grant, Warpinski’s Surface Tension project juxtaposes the U.S.-Mexico border, the occupied Palestinian Territories and present-day Berlin and explores their political, historical, international and governmental policies. 

“Under Hebron” by Terri Warpinski.

“Through these photographs, I probe varying aspects of power and conflict and the consequences incurred when national desires for security dominate other social or environmental concerns,” Warpinski said.

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