Volunteer Voices

When HELP of Door County was looking to fill a board position, there was only one name they needed to hear, Michelle Bartoszek.

Bartoszek knew the workings of the organization, which works with victims of domestic abuse, because she was a victim. She had benefitted personally from the counseling and support provided by HELP and wanted desperately to give back to the organization that gave her a fresh start.

So, without hesitation, Bartoszek jumped “on board,” literally, and got to work taking on the task of organizing HELP’s Coupon Book fundraiser.

Bartoszek knew that taking on this position would “shine a light” on domestic violence, a dark, dirty secret that few want to address. Beginning in 2006, she received advocacy services and found support in meeting her family’s needs.

“I never thought I’d be a victim – you don’t hear about it, no one wants to think this could happen to them,” said Bartoszek. But through counseling, she has regained her self-esteem and has completed two Associate Degrees, one in Heath Care Business Services and one in Health Information Technology. She plans on starting her Master’s in Heath Care Administration next.

“I need to show my kids that even though I’m a single parent and I’ve been through this, you can do anything that you put your mind to,” she said.

So in return, Bartoszek works diligently on getting “Coupons for a Cause” together and out to the community. This coupon book sells for $20 and is available by contacting HELP at 920.743.8818. “Coupons for a Cause” offers discounts at local businesses throughout Door County but, more importantly, supports the work of HELP.

Bartoszek is more than a HELP success story – she’s an advocate for herself and her family and understands that without the support of HELP, she certainly wouldn’t be where she is now. Volunteering at HELP is her way of giving back to the agency that gave her hope.

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