World Blood Donor Day

In honor of World Blood Donor Day on June 14, we offer some statistics on blood donation. American model Niki Taylor is the celebrity spokesperson for World Blood Donor Day.


The percentage of a country’s population required to donate blood to meet the country’s basic requirements for blood for transfusion. According to the World Health Organization, donation rates are still less than one percent of the population in 77 countries.


Percent of blood donations collected from donors below the age of 25.


Number of countries collecting 100 percent of their blood supplies from voluntary unpaid donors, as compared to 57 countries in 2007. Belarus, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, and Zambia are the latest to join this list.


Percent of all blood donations collected in developed countries, home to 16 percent of the world’s population.


Number of countries reporting that a total of 46,700 hospitals perform blood transfusions, serving a population of approximately 4 billion.


Approximate number of blood centers around the world.

93 million

Number of blood donations annually by all types of blood donors, based on reports from 173 countries.

Source: World Health Organization,