Your Representatives in the News

State Assembly Representative Garey Bies

Bies is updating the legislation outlawing synthetic marijuana to include 150 compounds. Bies originally introduced the ban on synthetic marijuana, which was signed into law in 2011.

Source:  Door County Daily News, Bies press release


Governor Scott Walker

The Walker administration settled a free speech lawsuit regarding Capitol protests, agreeing to pay $88,000 in attorney fees and drop the requirement that large protest groups get a permit.

Under the agreement, groups will be allowed up to five days of demonstrations if protesters give two days’ notice.

The settlement was made three months before the administration had to go to federal trial with the other party, a protester and the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin.

Source:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


U.S. Representative Reid Ribble

On Monday, Oct. 14, Reid Ribble was interviewed by Bloomberg TV about the government shutdown and the No Labels bipartisan group of legislators. He discussed the country’s issues with funding programs such as Social Security and redistricting, and said legislators on both sides of the aisle agree on many reform programs and that an agreement was close.

“I think we need to avoid a default, and now that everybody’s at the table, the White House, the Senate and the House, maybe we can get there,” he said.

Source:  Bloomberg TV


U.S. Senator Ron Johnson

A conservative radio talk show host, Mark Levin, criticized Johnson for not being conservative enough after Johnson said he disagreed with Republican Senator Ted Cruz about defunding the Affordable Care Act through a government shutdown. Other radio hosts, such as Jerry Bader from Green Bay, defended Johnson’s statements.

Source:  The Capital Times


President Barack Obama

Josh Gerstein, with Politico, wrote a piece on Obama’s shift in handling foreign policy.

“On issue after issue, Obama’s recent moves seem aimed at recapturing principles he articulated five years ago as a candidate crusading against what he portrayed as President George W. Bush’s overreliance on executive power and failure to uphold American values like human rights,” Gerstein wrote.

Gerstein wrote about Obama’s decisions to cut aid to Egypt, again work toward removing prisoners from Guantanamo Bay and capturing suspects rather than targeting them with drones.

Source:  Politico