WI Wins Congratulates Kewaunee Retailers

The Wisconsin Wins (WI Wins) program, a state-level initiative aimed to decrease youth access to tobacco products, and re:THINK, the Tobacco Prevention Network would like to say congratulations to the many clerks and retailers of Kewaunee County for the great work on reducing tobacco access to minors. Over the past year youth volunteers have conducted tobacco compliance checks in hopes to see retailers are not selling tobacco to minors and are checking IDs. In 2015, out of the 20 compliance checks there were only two sales, a 10 percent rate of sales in Kewaunee County.

Clerks and retailers in Kewaunee County have shown improvement from 2014 11.8 percent rate of sales to minors. If you are a retailer, and want to train your employees, check out for training and certification.

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