Washington Island Art and Nature Center Receives $4,000 Grant

Thanks to a generous $4,000 grant from the Clifford and Clara Herlache Heritage Foundation of the Door County Community Foundation, Inc., the nature room at The Art and Nature Center on Washington Island will receive a number of enhancements. A honey extractor was acquired from Dadant, a major bee equipment supplier, along with the other equipment necessary to separate honey from the comb. Children can now turn a crank that spins a basket containing honey-laden comb. Another new exhibit made with grant money compares the bills of birds to tools. A tent was acquired for making a Silurian sea exhibit that is complete with a sandbox. Tablets for displaying nature video clips will be coming to the nature room soon, too. Other tablets will have information on the waggle dance of the honeybee, colony collapse disorder, and making suburbia more wildlife friendly. For more information visit

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