Algoma Visitor Center Volunteers Take Local Tour

Algoma Visitor Center volunteers took a tourism tour as a unique way to acquaint the more than 30 dedicated volunteer staff with the newest sights and places of the Algoma area.

Algoma Chamber Executive Director Sara Krouse organized the daylong event on April 27 for the volunteers who staff the visitor center seven days a week during tourist season.

“We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to visit the places they recommend to our tourists, especially those that they might not visit naturally on their own,” Krouse said. “The best recommendation comes from personal experience.”

The bus, provided by local Dworak Bus Services, took the crew to four sites in the area – Algoma Atelier of Sculpture and Art, von Stiehl Winery, Ahnapee Brewery and the Belgian Heritage Center in Namur. Each site provided a private tour and extended question and answer session. Krouse hopes to expand the tour in future years to include more tourism sites, lodging facilities and campgrounds.

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