Amoral Presidency

As I read a recent letter in the Peninsula Pulse, I choked on my glass of chardonnay. The writer declared she voted for Trump “To Make America Great Again.” She wrote of “hatred of the opposition, including most of the media” and directs we should respect the office.

Trump demeans the office! He does not uphold the Constitution, denies Russian involvement in the 2016 election, cozies up to Putin, believes there are “good people” among neo-Nazis and white supremacists, governs by chaos, tweets and lies, violates the emoluments clause, ignores the three co-equal branches of government, ignores the law, and “rules” as if he is running his personal business. A free press is critical to our democracy and must be defended.

The writer repeated and expanded on Trump’s incendiary lies at the Green Bay rally about murdering live babies. She wrote illegal immigrants are given more benefits than our veterans, (untrue and void of fact); the “left” wants open borders for more votes (Hispanic ethnicity?); and warns the “2020 candidates” will bring this country to financial ruin. Trump signed the $1.5 trillion tax cut that decreased the top corporate tax rate from 35 to 21 percent with the largest benefit going to the wealthiest Americans. The National Debt now surpasses $22 trillion. He ordered the longest government shutdown in history, negatively impacting individuals and the economy.

Her concerns about our national inhumanity didn’t extend to immigrant children placed in cages and separated from their parents without a plan to reunite them; children being gunned down in schools, nor care for our common home. Her focus was voting for “personal freedom” to make choices according to her “Christian Faith” urging you to vote Trump in 2020. The First Amendment Guarantees Religious Freedom – Christian or otherwise!

The “left” wants to tackle inequality, affordable health care, raise the minimum wage, pass sensible gun laws, address climate change and bring inclusiveness to the Country. Restore dignity and honesty to the Presidency. Vote Trump out!

Barbara Tuch

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin