Art and Artifacts at New Door County Maritime Museum Exhibits

The Door County Maritime Museum in Sturgeon Bay will open a pair of new exhibits on April 22.

Shipwreck artifact. Submitted.

Shipwreck artifact. Submitted.

From Inside the Collections is a unique offering in that it will be a recurring exhibit with museum curator Adam Gronke promising to periodically launch different versions of the series at future dates. This first offering will concentrate on shipwreck items within the museum’s collection.

“Have you ever visited a museum and wondered what amazing artifacts they have in their collections but weren’t on display for you to see?” asked Gronke. “This exhibit gives the visitor a rare opportunity to explore these treasures. We have decided they are just too fascinating to keep hidden!”

With the close of the well-received Edmund Fitzgerald tribute exhibit on April 17, An Architect and His Art moves into the museum’s Reddin Bridge Room.

Artwork by Ben Shenkelberg.

Artwork by Ben Shenkelberg.

“Ben Shenkelberg is the architect who designed the Sturgeon Bay museum and is currently the architect for the proposed Maritime Tower project,” said Gronke. “Besides being a talented and successful architect, he is a gifted artist. He creates amazing works in his free time and some of his maritime-related art will be displayed at the museum. What makes this temporary art exhibition more special is that Ben is selling the mounted prints to the public with proceeds from the sales going to be donated to the museum.”

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