2022: Best of the Pod

The topics listeners loved most in 2022

Another year of news, events and hot-topic conversations has come and gone, and with it, more than 100 new episodes of the Door County Pulse podcast. From 359,699 listens in 2022, here are the most popular episodes of the year.

What’s Next at the Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club CEO Eric Blumreich joined Myles Dannhausen Jr. to talk about the future of the club and his hopes of bringing stability to the club. Sadly, Blumreich died just one week later, shocking the club and the community he was just getting to know.

Saving Housing in a Tourist Community, with Journalist Gloria Liu

Dannhausen talked to Gloria Liu about her recent article in Outside magazine, which explained how officials and organizers in Crested Butte, Colorado, have found ways to address the shortage of affordable housing in the seasonal ski-resort town.

The Door County Granary Project

Debra Fitzgerald talked with Beth Renstrom and Laurel Hauser about the history of the granary, how the project came to be and what’s in store for the project.

A Record Year for Lodging, and a Different Take on STRs

The county pulled in more than $138 million in lodging revenue in 2021, shattering previous records. Dannhausen talked to Andrew Kleidon and vacation-rental operator Rob Esposito about the boom and what it tells us about tourism in Door County.

Nate Bell’s COVID-19 Transformation 

Dannhausen caught up with Nate Bell, who talked about growing into public service in his hometown, how a personal crisis and COVID-19 collided to lead to his own physical and mental health transformation, and how becoming a cyclist made him rethink how we plan our communities.

The Next Generation of Restaurant Owners

Kleidon and Dannhausen discussed the surge in restaurant sales, revamps and closures during the past year.

The City, the County and the Potawatomi Tower

Kleidon talked with Fitzgerald about the latest news on the Potawatomi State Park observation tower.

How to Bring Broadband to Your Town

Kurt Kiefer sat down with Fitzgerald to outline the 1-2-3s that Baileys Harbor was following as it led a host of communities in finally taking big steps to deliver broadband to its residents.

The Pioneer: Architect Virge Temme

Fitzgerald talked with high-performance architect and home builder Virge Temme on the occasion of Temme’s retirement from building sustainable and net-zero homes in Door County.

Reading, Writing and Winning Money

Kleidon talked with Grace Johnson about the 2022 Hal Prize and Peninsula Publishing’s 8142 Review literary journal.