Bloody Marys and Pumpkin Pie

On Friday, October 15, Drink Coffee owner Rachel Haas will begin baking at 3 am, preparing for the crowds Sister Bay’s annual Fall Fest brings. With over 600 homemade pumpkin pies, Haas and the staff will be outside serving their famous festival treat – ‘Pumpkin Pie in a Cup.’

“Rachel is making all the pumpkin pies from scratch this year,” says Annie Orsted as she serves me a cup of coffee. “We will serve them in cups that people can carry around with them.”

If it tastes anything like the pumpkin bar I had with my cup of coffee – they will be amazing!

Meanwhile, just up the hill, Husby’s Food and Spirits will be serving up Bloody Marys and more. Kitchen manager, Mike Barnes will be on the sidewalk serving, “beer…warm apple cider with apple liquor…cranberry vodka…orange vodka, and food items. We’re definitely excited,” he adds. “It’s a busy time for us.”

Suggestion: skip breakfast – you won’t want to miss out on the tasty options of Sister Bay’s Fall Fest. Have a Bloody, then a piece of pumpkin pie, or a piece of pie, then a Bloody – it’s Fall Fest – no one will judge you, anything goes!

The streets of Sister Bay will be lined with a number of food and beverage vendors, serving caramel apple slices, corn on the cob, brats, pulled pork, and more.