Book Recommendation: ‘Why Did the Monster Cross the Road?’

book by by R.L. Stine, illustrated by Marc Brown

Recommended by KARLIE MARTENS, Bookseller, Novel Bay Booksellers

’90s babies, rejoice! Favorite author R.L. Stine (of Goosebumps fame) and illustrator Marc Brown (of Arthur fame) have teamed up to produce this new, hilarious, clever children’s book.

You may be thinking, “R.L. Stine does not do humor,” but you would be thinking wrong. Stine does do humor, and he does it well. This story is about monster best friends Hunny and Funny, and when Hunny is having a bad day, Funny knows just how to cheer him up – with jokes! This story shows a dear friendship between two monsters, showing children that even the smallest thing can help others when they’re feeling blue.

Your little ones will also learn a plethora of new jokes to keep them and you busy during this last gasp of summer. Make your inner ’90s child smile with both the good jokes and the nostalgia of your childhood past!

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