Brian Pertl Teaches Music Seminar at Bjِrklunden

Lawrence University’s Bjِrklunden is offering the seminar “Exploring the Magic of Music: A Sonic Adventure of Global Proportions” with Brian Pertl from June 24 – 29.

This seminar will be an exploration of the world of music including classical, jazz, pop, and world music traditions. Participants will take the time to listen deeply, read voraciously, discuss freely, share their passions, and even let their own inner musicians out. Participants don’t need to be a musician or have the ability to read music.

Pertl is an ethnomusicologist, didgeridoo player and dean of the Lawrence Conservatory of Music; he has given more than 400 presentations on a vast array of music topics across the United States. He was the Music Advisor for The Smithsonian’s “New Harmonies: American Roots Music” traveling museum project, and worked for 16 years managing the Media Acquisitions Group at Microsoft where he selected the hundreds of pieces of music and audio for the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia and World Atlas titles.

Seminars are held at Bjِrklunden’s lodge, south of Baileys Harbor. Classes meet weekday mornings and some evenings and include meals prepared by Bjِrklunden’s resident chef.

For more information call 920.839.2216 or visit