By the Numbers: Soup

In honor of National Soup Month, we asked Paul “Soup Santa” Wanish of Czarnuszka Soup in beautiful downtown Ephraim to provide us with some soupy numbers.


The number of rabbits that go into every batch of Rhythm Chili. That’s a chicken, ma’am.

Zero to 1

The number of times per year a Seinfeld reference is permitted in the shop before a secret fee is charged.


How many year-round soup vendors you will find between Wilson’s and Good Eggs, if you can find it.


The number of soup-related words that have been banned in the Pulse – Chiligasm.


The number of soups on the Czarnuszka menu on any business day.

Ten gazillion

The number of different soups that exist in the world.

More times than there are stars in the sky

The number of times the Czarnuszka Soup Guy has heard a Seinfeld reference in the shop.

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