Cellcom Joins Smartphone Theft Initiative

Cellcom recently signed on to a nationwide initiative to deter smartphone thefts, as well as to educate and protect wireless users. Smartphone thefts and protecting consumer data are a growing concern, and Pat Riordan, CTIA chairman and Cellcom president and CEO is leading the charge to address the issue.

The steps include implementing a database to prevent reactivation of stolen smartphones, notifying consumers of features to secure smartphones, and educating users about applications to remotely lock devices and preventative measures to deter phone theft.

As a part of the new commitments, smartphone manufacturers are working to build features into handsets that will show users how to lock and secure a particular device upon activation. Additionally, Cellcom will provide information about securing devices and applications to remotely lock, locate and erase data from smartphones during the activation process.

Cellcom plans to share educational information about smartphone theft, protections and preventative measures through its website and social media sites.

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