Cheryl Wheeler, Kenny White At White Gull

Singer-songwriter Cheryl Wheeler and special guest Kenny White will play the next installment of the White Gull Inn’s winter concert series on April 10, 8 pm. 

During her live shows, Cheryl Wheeler combines multiple personas – she’s simultaneously an intelligent poet, a militant trend-defier and a hilarious social critic. The folk artist’s achingly honest love songs contrast with her sharp critiques of modern culture.

Wheeler is backed up by White, who accompanies his own clever lyrics with piano and guitar.

The concert will be preceded by an optional fixed-price dinner at 6 pm.

Tickets to the concert cost $35 per person, and advance ticket purchase is recommended. To reserve your spot, call the White Gull Inn at 920.868.3517 or visit them at 4225 Main St. in Fish Creek.

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