Comedian Rick Wood Visits Holiday Music Motel

Comedian Rick Wood will be at Holiday Music Motel’s Tambourine Lounge on March 18 at 8 pm.

Wood is a stand-up comedian and writer based out of Los Angeles. He grew up in Virginia, joined the Air Force, lived all over the country while working a number of terrible jobs before choosing comedian as the best terrible job in the world. He weaves painfully funny stories about growing up in a white trash area of town with incisive observations about modern culture and the absurd human behaviors that have somehow over time become accepted as normal.

Able to create intelligent comedy without alienating or talking down to people, Wood comfortably gets on the level of the room and brings them into his point of view. Occasionally pushing to the edge of appropriateness before coming back, all the while informing and educating his audience as well as cracking them up.

The cost is $10. Doors open at 7:30 pm. For advanced tickets, call 920.743.5571 or visit The Tambourine Lounge is located at 59 N. 2nd Ave. in Sturgeon Bay.

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