Community Health Programs Offered

Three free Community Health Information Programs on spiritual wellbeing will be offered at Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church in Ellison Bay.

On July 19, Rev. Bruce Foster will speak on financial and vocational wellbeing. Good financial stewards make decisions based on their values, which is evident in the way they save, spend and share. This understanding of stewardship embraces resilience, sustainability and generosity. Our vocations are one of life’s work and passions – everyday roles to help make this world a better place. Those who are well vocationally are faithful stewards of their talents and abilities, and find opportunities to build and use them to serve others.

Rev. Maggie Wellert will address physical and emotional wellbeing on August 23. With tending and nurturing, one can live well even with disabilities, injuries or illness. Unhealthy lifestyles and behaviors can rob us of good health. Physical health problems can affect emotions and emotional problems that can affect physical health. Emotional health includes taking time daily to be peaceful and centered and also sharing emotions with others.

September 13 brings a program by Rev. Michael Brecke who will explore intellectual and social/interpersonal wellbeing. Seeking out new responsibilities and pursuing lifelong learning keeps us healthy and growing. Social contact is essential for physical and mental health.

All programs begin at 4 pm and are open to the public. For more information, please call 920.854.2988.