Congratulations to Charlie Ehlert

Now at this art of serving, our friend Charlie is relatively new,
But as you come to know him, he really stands out, just like only a few.
Chasing a degree at UW – M with majors in history and education;
Not to mention a minor in anthropology, this kid needs a vacation.

He’s quick with a grin that turns to a smile in response to all that’s asked.
When he gets that degree he’ll teach and serve; two roles for which he’s typecast.
In his spare time he bikes and he reads; even volunteers ‘cause he has a big heart.
Not far from his family at all with step dad and mom at Hands On Art.

Charlie loves talking to people and keeping them happy, skills that naturally fit in.
Honest in his approach, a part of the action as long as it’s not centered on him.
Why not stop at the Grill, let Charlie seat you in style, see if all I have said isn’t true.
Why not ask, “You the guy in the paper?” Watch that smile come out right on cue.