Congratulations to Jess Manson

Our server this week wears many hats, it’s plain to see.
You’d think her middle name was Ms. Versatility.
With bartending, then cooking, then making sure things are clean,
seems like an employer’s fantasy, if not a manager’s sweet dream.

Gave the Army a few years, even served as an MP,
“But ‘twas co-workers and customers brought me back home to DC.”
Works several jobs like others, but the Tap gets most her time;
smiles as says, “The A in AC was a relative of mine.”

Jess grew up in Sister Bay, a Gibraltar School grad.
Keeps in touch with old friends which makes her real glad.
Next time you’re at the Tap for lunch or late evening faire,
a good chance your tasty meal includes Jess’s loving care.