Congressman Mike Gallagher Joins Congressional School Choice Caucus

Representative Joel Kitchens

Rep. Kitchens released the following statement after an announcement regarding welfare reform: “Yesterday Gov. Walker announced his ‘Wisconsin Works for Everyone’ reform package. Building on our past successes, as well as those of the Thompson administration, this is the next step toward welfare reform in Wisconsin. Wisconsin has been a national leader on this issue and I am happy to continue to make it a priority. Breaking down workplace barriers and incentivizing employment is a crucial step towards helping our unemployed. Additionally, providing workplace training is critical in breaking the cycle of generational poverty and reducing dependency on government. Earlier this month I attended a press conference where it was announced that Wisconsin has been awarded $2 million through the New Skills for Youth Grant. This grant, will build on the ‘Wisconsin Works for Everyone’ in order to train employees for skilled, family-supporting jobs. I look forward to working with my colleagues to continue to address Wisconsin’s workplace needs and further reform our welfare system to benefit all.”

Source: Kitchens press release


Governor Scott Walker

Gov. Walker warned that Republicans could suffer political consequences in the 2018 elections if they squander their new political dominance, calling on the Trump Administration to dramatically reorient power back to the states. “If they do the things they talk about, we see major tax reform and regulatory reform and pushing more power and responsibility not just to the states but the people, I think the midterms are going to fare pretty well,” Walker told more than 500 donors gathered for a conference hosted by the Koch network at a desert resort outside of Palm Springs, Calif. “If they don’t, we’re in trouble. It’s put up or shut up time. And now’s the time for us to have to deliver, because we finally have a Republican administration and House and Senate.” Walker was part of a group of GOP state leaders who addressed the donor conclave on Jan. 30. Their common theme: President Trump should roll back federal authority and turn funding for domestic policies over to the states.

Source: The Washington Post


Congressman Mike Gallagher

Rep. Gallagher announced that he has officially joined the Congressional School Choice Caucus. The caucus seeks to advance educational freedom by promoting policies that will increase high-quality education for students across the country. After joining the caucus, Rep. Gallagher released the following statement: “Every child in America, regardless of their zip code or income, deserves access to a quality education that equips them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s increasingly competitive world. As a new member of the School Choice Caucus, I look forward to working with my colleagues to promote policies that increase quality and flexibility in education for parents and students across the country.”

Source: Gallagher press release


Senator Tammy Baldwin

Sen. Baldwin said she would oppose Michigan billionaire Betsy DeVos for education secretary and Scott Pruitt’s confirmation as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. She released the following statement regarding Pruitt: “In Wisconsin, we have a long and proud tradition of being a national leader on issues of our environment and conservation. Throughout our history, Wisconsin has been home to environmental leaders who have worked to pass on a stronger environment to future generations — Aldo Leopold, John Muir and Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. Let there be no doubt, global climate change is real. It is a fact and no ‘alternative facts’ can change it. The question is not whether climate change is occurring, but how our nation is going to take it on…. President Trump’s pick for EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, is a science denier who would turn back the clock and dismantle much, if not all, of the progress we have made on clean air, clean water and protecting our environment.”

Source: Baldwin press release


Senator Ron Johnson

Sen. Johnson said this regarding President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch: “Replacing Justice Antonin Scalia, a man of unwavering devotion to freedom and the rule of law, is a daunting task. From what I’ve heard and read, it appears that Judge Gorsuch has a similar fidelity to the Constitution and integrity to apply the law as a judge, not a super-legislator. I’m looking forward to meeting Judge Gorsuch and supporting his nomination. I urge my Senate colleagues to do the same.”

Source: Johnson press release


President Donald Trump

President Trump’s actions during his first week in office have appeared to be aimed at the voters who already supported him, not at reaching out to the rest, and that’s taken a rapid toll on his support, which was already historically low. Gallup, which has measured job approval for presidents for decades, shows Trump’s approval so far at 45 percent, with 48 percent disapproving. That’s an average of several days’ polling. The daily trend lines are not kind to the new administration. That’s a record for the speed of getting to majority disapproval. By comparison, President George W. Bush hit majority disapproval six months into his second term, in June 2005, and remained in negative territory for the rest of his tenure. President Obama did not hit 51 percent disapproval until August of 2011, during the crisis over the federal debt ceiling that summer. His approval rebounded later that year, but he had a second period of majority disapproval during late 2013 and much of 2014. He ended his term with widespread approval and 37 percent of Americans disapproving.

Source: LA Times

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