Copper Cattails and Wall Flowers at Plum Bottom’s Outdoor Show

Plum Bottom Gallery’s gardens are blooming and filled with colorful wall flowers, chiming glass strands, and metal sculptures for their annual Outdoor Art Show, May 27.

Sharon Miller-Thompson’s copper cattail sculptures line the walkways. These large steel and copper nature-inspired sculptures make an impressive statement outdoors or indoors.

Laurel Grey’s glass leaf strands hang outside or in front of windows, creating beautiful accents of kinetic color. Light breezes enhance these pieces allowing them to gently chime in the wind. Some of Grey’s work incorporate pieces of Door County driftwood.

Lynda Houston’s flower wall sculptures are made for outdoor displays, but also liven up any living space inside. The impressive aluminum and wood flowers are hand-sculpted and painted and create beautiful statements of texture.

Plum Bottom Pottery & Gallery is open 10 am to 5 pm daily. To visit go 15 minutes north of Sturgeon Bay or five minutes south of Egg Harbor on Highway 42 then east one mile to 4999 Plum Bottom Road. For more information visit


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