County League: Kolberg Keeps Hopes Alive with Late Rally

I write this weeks’ article sitting poolside in Boston, contemplating retirement. Not from the working world mind you, but sports retirement. You hear people say things like “He went out on top” or “He stayed too long and was a shell of his former self.”

We all know that father time will forever be undefeated so who or what decides when it is the right time? 

Several factors play a role in giving up a sport you love. Injuries, desire, the ability to compete are just a few. However, if you can still go out there and play, why not do so. I still try to play three sports during the year – no doubt at less than the skill level I had when I was younger –

I would much rather retire too late, than too early.
I told a close friend and teammate once when he stopped playing in his late 20s something I still believe in. You can always retire, but you can’t always play. 

A 3-1 week for swami will keep him from retiring too soon. His season record now stands at 41-7.

Institute (1-11) @ Sister Bay (10-2)

This looked to be the game where the Bays would clinch the title. At home, with their fans all around. However, a slip up last week now means the Bays have to win out to guarantee the title. The Bays were shut down by the Indians, collecting just six hits, including three by Sam Lindenberg.

The Cubs got six innings in on Friday night before the rains came. They were not very good innings as the Cubs failed to score and only collected two hits. The Cubs are young and have experienced their share of lumps this season. However, Coach Jared Pflieger has some talent to work with if he could just get the same lineup showing up every week. They finish the year with two teams playing for a lot and an angry and determined Bays team isn’t a good combination. 

Swami Says: Bays

Kolberg (9-3) @ Baileys Harbor (1-11)

The Braves almost let the Bays off the hook but some late magic kept them in the title hunt. Down 10-6 in the bottom of the ninth the Braves scored five, including a three-run walk off home run belted by Nick Lecaptain. It was a day to remember for Lecaptain as he added another home run on his three-hit day. Trevor Reinhardt’s day was no slouch either as he had four hits including a home run. Sam Koss also hit a home run on his two-hit day. 

The A’s are young and are working to get some respect, including Coach Charlie Wood, whose name was misspelled in last week’s article. Bryce Plzak has been a nice addition and he had three hits Sunday in the loss. Chris Lodl as well has had a solid year and he collected two hits on the day. They will get better but it may not show this Sunday.

Swami Says: Braves

Washington Island (7-5) @ West Jacksonport (8-4)

The Islanders had the Braves right where they wanted them Sunday and they let them off the hook. Now they must fight to stay in the playoff race. Troy Jorgenson went yard on the day while Ben and Luke Geiger collected three and two hits respectively. 

The Ports have a tough road the next two weeks. Woody Schartner had a big day on Sunday, collecting four hits with a home run and two doubles. Jaeger Brusky and Jonas Lindemann had three hits on the day. Drew Tanck had two hits including a home run. The Island won the first time around against the Ports at home. 

Swami Says: Ports 

Egg Harbor (7-5) @ Maplewood (5-7)

Joe Sawyer shut down a really good Bays offense, giving up six hits on Sunday. It is rare at any level anymore for a pitcher to throw all nine innings but he did just that and helped keep the Indians playoff hopes alive. Assisting in that playoff effort was Cory Fuller and Cody Giesseman who each collected three hits. Nick Posh and Eric Dejardine collected two hits. 

The Mets didn’t have to work too hard Friday night to keep their playoff hopes alive. While slim they finish against two teams that are fighting for spots as well. The Mets are finding that ingredient to success and while they are not at a better record than they were last year at this time, you can see the rise happening. I really want to pick them this week but you know how that has been going for the swami and Egg Harbor. 

Swami Says: Egg Harbor

Week 12 Results

Egg Harbor 2, Sister Bay 1

West Jacksonport13, Baileys Harbor 3

Maplewood 6, Institute 0

Kolberg 11, Washington Island 10


Sister Bay 10-2

Kolberg 9-3

Egg Harbor 7-5

Washington Island 7-5

West Jacksonport 8-4

Maplewood 5-7

Baileys Harbor 1-11

Institute 1-11

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