Creating Something Special at Something Fishy

Something Fishy creatively displays their array of jewelry charms options. Photo by Katie Sikora.

When gift giving – tears are a good thing. “Success!” you’ll think and mentally fist-pump your own creative thoughtfulness when the water works begin. Such was the scene when I presented my sister with a necklace, a belated birthday present I created at Something Fishy in Egg Harbor with the help of owner Lisa Seeber.

The shop, featuring assorted handbags of all colors and sizes, Door County themed throw pillows, hand warmers with felt flowers, and shiny jewelry – rings, bracelets, and necklaces – to suit any taste, includes a designated ‘jewelry workshop’ showcasing an array (and by array I mean multitude) of beads, pendants, charms, chains and ribbons.

The array (aka multitude) of pieces available to create a piece of jewelry is daunting, until you realize they are carefully organized. “Here are the Door County pieces,” says Seeber, leading me passed manikins pinned with travel-themed pieces, music-themed pieces, cowgirl-themed pieces, and sister-themed pieces. I pause at the sterling silver cherries, the pendants featuring faded black and white images of smiling sisters, and the August birthstones.

“You sure you want to get into this?” laughs Seeber, who adds, “There are no rules. Some people think you need an odd number of charms, that there’s a right way to do this. There are no rules.” And the project can be as cheap or expensive as the creator wishes – each piece is labeled with its own individual price sticker.

Slattery created this one-of-a-kind necklace for her sister. Photo by Sally Slattery.

I exhale, focus on my sister’s favorite colors and fashion sense. Bit by bit I piece together a special necklace for her, featuring a silver bird, a heart etched with ‘Lil Sis,’ a plum purple bead, and a bead that reads ‘Ooh la la.’

“I don’t know why I’m so emotional,” my sister says as she studies the piece. (Because I’m an awesome gift giver!)

Something Fishy, open daily 10 am – 5 pm, is located at 7730 Highway 42 in Egg Harbor. For more information call 920.868.2083, visit or search “Something Fishy” on Facebook.