DCHS: Fun with Felines

The Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) Door County Campus is currently housing many dogs from other shelters to assist those shelters as they work through an animal-health situation (visit to learn more), so WHS Door County is temporarily closed for adoptions. It will resume regular adoption processes soon.

Until information about pets looking for new homes returns to this space, here are some easy ways to provide physical and mental enrichment for your kitty in your home. Just like humans, they love finding new hobbies to keep life fun and interesting!

• Offer a variety of toys, and occasionally introduce new ones.

• Give your cat objects to explore – cardboard boxes, paper shopping bags and puzzle toys.

• Position bird or squirrel feeders outside windows where your cat can observe them for hours of free (and safe) entertainment.

• Train your cat! Just like dogs, cats can learn fun tricks such as sitting on command and shaking paws. Training provides a great mental workout and strengthens the bond between you and your feline friend.For more cat-behavior tips, visit

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