DCL BASEBALL: It Was a Wild One on Washington Island

“Walk it off.”

How many times were you told that as a kid – or have you said that to your kids – when you or they got a bump or a bruise?

Well, the Island did just that Sunday with a walk-off walk in the bottom of the ninth to win a crazy game 16-15. And this after falling behind 10-0 early.

That wasn’t the only great game this weekend, though, because all of them were relatively close, and the Cubs won by the biggest margin of six runs. 

The Swami has been on a roll, garnering his third straight 4-0 week to bring his record to 36-8. Let’s take a look at Week 12.

Kolberg (10-1) @ Institute (3-8)

You have to go back to 2010 to find the last time when the Braves won the title. That title was their fourth in five seasons, with Egg Harbor being the team to disrupt the streak. In fact, between the two teams, they each won four titles during an eight-year span, 2006-13. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb in saying they’ll be taking the trophy back to Kolberg this season – it’s just a matter of when.

The Cubs have been playing well despite basically being down their top three pitchers. Will Hartman and Frankie Ash have been stepping up and doing the job for the Cubs, and that will only make the team better in the years to come. They certainly don’t want to see any team celebrate a championship on their home field, but maybe that will give them a taste of what it could be like in the future.

Swami says: Braves.

Institute’s Caleb Hoffman (24) scores July 15 while Bailey Harbor’s Cal Ellefson (21) stands in front of home plate. Photo by Kevin Boneske.

West Jacksonport (7-4) @ Maplewood (6-5)

The Ports staved off their rivals last week and have themselves in a three-way tie for second. Everyone knows hosting a playoff game is good for a team’s budget, and the Ports would love nothing more than to be in that spot. 

But then again, so would the Mets. Although the heartbreak loss on the Island last week will make it tough, they still have an outside shot, and a win over the Ports – whom they have already beaten this year – would help. If any game is going to derail the Swami’s streak, it could be this one. 

Swami says: Mets.

Washington Island (7-4) @ Egg Harbor (4-7)

No lead has ever been safe across the pond, as the Mets found out. This big comeback win has the Island in a prime spot for a playoff run and that coveted second spot. 

The Indians’ playoff chances are pretty much done. But they have never been a team to just lie down either, and they have the opportunity during the final three weeks to make life uncomfortable for three teams that are chasing the playoffs. This is the only road game that the Islanders have during the second half, and they can ill afford a letdown.

Swami says: Islanders.

Baileys Harbor’s Joe Burlo delivers a pitch July 15 during the As’ home Door County League baseball game against the Institute Cubs. Photo by Kevin Boneske.

Baileys Harbor (0-11) @ Sister Bay (7-4)

The As’ best chance to win was Friday night because now they take to the road for the final three games – and all against the top teams. All-Star game hero Isaac Berkley is the kind of hustle player who can lead a team to get better, and at some point, they will be better. 

The Bays played about as good of a game as you could against the Braves, but they came up a run short. You know when it’s just one team’s year, and the Bays will be relinquishing their title to that team in the Braves. 

But there is still some work to be done as the Bays find themselves in a playoff fight with three other teams. However, the Bays’ last three games are against the three bottom teams in the league, so it’s not really a stretch to say they will most likely grab that second playoff spot and host the first round.

Swami says: Bays.

Week 11 Results

Institute 11, Baileys Harbor 5

Kolberg 2, Sister Bay 1

West Jacksonport 7, Egg Harbor 2

Washington Island 16, Maplewood 15


Kolberg 10-1

West Jacksonport 7-4

Washington Island 7-4

Sister Bay 7-4

Maplewood 6-5

Institute 3-8

Baileys Harbor 0-11