The Door County League switched to wood bats in the 2013 season, and since that time, the league leader at the end of the season would have just a handful of home runs. Sometimes, you can go a couple of weeks before you see one in a game. 

On Sunday, however, an all-out power surge hit the league as early reports say there were a total of nine home runs hit on the day.

Wood bats were put into place to avoid the onslaught of runs and make the hitting more honest, so it’s ironic that we still see teams scoring 20 runs in a game. I just can’t imagine what aluminum bats would be producing if they were still in place. 

The Swami’s surge continues as a 4-0 day has him sitting at 18-2 for the season.

Let’s take a look at the Week 6 games.

Sister Bay (4-1) @ Institute (0-5) (Friday night)

The Bays dispatched the Indians last Sunday with relative ease. Griffin Cole was the leading hitter on the day with three hits, including a home run. Sawyer Johnson, Tom Sawyer and Matt Hecht chipped in with two hits each. Sam Forkert pitched well – as he is prone to do – and the Bays are right in the thick of things, as expected. 

The Cubs have hit rock bottom, and there is no place to go but up. Some teams would love to score 15 runs in a game, but the Cubs gave up that many in just one inning. Will Hartman pitches well, but after pitching full time last season really just for the first time, his arm can take only so much and needs more help. Ethan Kroll and Brent Haberli were the lone bright spots, driving in the only runs the Cubs would get. The Cubs played the Bays surprisingly well last season, losing 5-1 and 5-0.

Swami says: Bays.

West Jacksonport (4-1) @ Washington Island (3-2)

A windy day in Jacksonport led to a barrage of hits, runs and home runs. The Ports had 19 hits, with Riley Cordier leading the way with four of them, to include one of the team’s four home runs. Kyle Volkmann hit his first Door County League home run, and Alec Schartner hit his second in as many weeks. Jaeger Brusky also hit a home run, and Isaac Baudhuin collected his first Door County League hit. 

The Islanders had a rare home game during which they were held to just three hits and were shut out. That just doesn’t happen often on their home turf, so they will be ready to redeem themselves this week at home, where they did beat the Ports last year, 3-2, in a surprisingly low-scoring affair. 

Every part of my being wants to pick the Islanders this week, but when you have a train rolling like the Ports do, you just can’t pick against them.
Swami says: Choo choo! Ports win. 

Maplewood (2-3) @ Egg Harbor (2-3)

The Mets took out some frustration on the Cubs Sunday in a big way. They had 18 hits, with Adam Gutschow leading the way with four. Every starter had a hit, with six of them getting two or more. Drew Price, Kordell Draves and Tory Jandrin all hit home runs for the Mets. Jayden Diller stymied the Cubs’ offense, giving up only two hits in six innings of work. In a scheduling quirk, the Mets have played four of their first five games at home, but then they end the half with two tough road games. 

The Indians have to right the ship quickly or else find themselves in the same spot they were in last year, when they won their first two games and then lost the next five. Brady and Nick Kita had two hits each on Sunday, and Anthony Jennerjohn added to the league home-run count on the day. If the Indians win this one, they then have dates with the two worst teams in the league and can find themselves right back in the race. 

Swami says: Indians.

Baileys Harbor (1-4) @ Kolberg (4-1)

The A’s made their way to 12 runs on Sunday, but unfortunately, their opposition almost doubled that. The young A’s continue to get better each week, and that’s a good thing for the league. Fifteen players saw action on Sunday, with most of them reaching base and scoring at least once. 

The Braves are who we thought they were. Traveling to the Island to play a game is never an easy feat, but Jake Schneider continued his dominance by holding the Islanders to just three hits while collecting that many himself. His nine strikeouts were tops on the day. So far, the Braves aren’t hitting as well as they did last year, and with a date with the Ports to end the half next week, they may get right this game. 

Swami says: Braves.

Week 5 Results

Sister Bay 9, Egg Harbor 2

West Jacksonport 22, Baileys Harbor 12

Kolberg 5, Washington Island 0

Maplewood 20, Institute 3


West Jacksonport 4-1

Kolberg 4-1

Sister Bay 4-1

Washington Island 3-2

Egg Harbor 2-3

Maplewood 2-3

Baileys Harbor 1-4

Institute 0-5