Digging Deeper with the Door County Pulse Podcast

Hey! It’s Andrew — co-host of the Door County Pulse Podcast — and I thank you for listening. During our first two years, we’ve put out more than 200 episodes, and we’re incredibly proud of and humbled by the response we’ve heard from the community. 

When Myles Dannhausen Jr. and I recorded the podcast’s first episode, we were fueled by the hope that by adding context to the discussions we were hearing around the peninsula, we’d be able to guide and contribute to the discourse in a positive way, and that goal is still at the heart of every episode we produce. 

During our first two years, we’ve been able to talk with some incredible business owners, politicians, musicians, chefs and others who make this community so special. Being able to share their stories is the foundation that the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living were built on, and we look forward to delivering these stories to you every week. 

Every Friday we offer a glimpse into that week’s issue of the Peninsula Pulse, but you can hear much more about a given story than we’re able to fit in the newspaper. We also interview the county’s movers, shakers, artists and residents who have stories to tell.

All you need to do is search for “Door County” in your podcast app of choice, or check out the entire archive on our website,