Door County Confectionery’s Nostalgic Goodies

Door County Confectionery’s locations in Fish Creek, Sturgeon Bay, Sister Bay and Ephraim have all created happy memories during many families’ trips, but for some, the candy itself takes them down memory lane. 

“We have a lot of nostalgic candies, and people are just thrilled when they find them,” said Judy Voight, who was working the counter at the Sister Bay location. The candy cigarettes and banana Turkish Taffy stuck out in her mind, but many customers are equally excited to find wax bottles, Necco wafers, flying saucers and hard button candies. 

Apart from the old-fashioned favorites, you’ll find plenty in the way of more modern offerings, plus a confectionery case full of chocolate goodies. The various styles of bear claws are especially popular. Shop in the stores or at to find your favorite nostalgic candy. 

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