Door County Cross Country Ski Report: January 14, 2011

As of January 14, 2011, our ski trail groomers report the following conditions:

Potawatomi State Park

Conditions: Fair. Potawatomi Park trails have a new base of 3″ of dry powder that was machine packed on January 12. There is not enough snow to set or to maintain tracks. Enjoyable skating is possible except on the return portions of the red and black trails. It is best to turn around at the upper road crossings. Fallen twigs abound but can be avoided. The next snow of at least 1″ should move the conditions from marginal/satisfactory to satisfactory/good.

Crossroads at Big Creek

Conditions: Fair to good. Crossroads had 2-3 inches of very light snow fall on Tuesday. Trails were rolled but no track could be set. Areas where some of the old base remained are in good condition but other portions of the trail have grass showing in spots. A number of skiers have been out and enjoyed the experience. Our moonlight ski sponsored by Door County Silent Sports Alliance is scheduled for January 19 at 7 pm. Hot chocolate provided in the Collins Learning Center.

Snowkraft (formerly Cherry Hills Nordic)

Conditions: Good on the woods trail. At present 90% of Snowkraft is open and skiable, HOWEVER there are areas of very thin snow/dirt in many locations. A core 1.5 miles is close to skiable with good skis and is also classic tracked, however the rest of the system remains rock ski status. The orchard is skiable for advanced skiers who realize they may hit obstacles and tumble. Unless you are an advanced skier the orchard trials are not recommended. SNOW IS COMING. It is probable that around 4 inches will fall by Saturday morning, January 15, which would likely render the entire system skiable with good skis. Head to for updates.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

Conditions: Poor. Despite occasional light snow falls recently, there still isn’t enough new snow to groom. Snow base is very hard to determine in any one area since the new snow tends make it look like there is a good base when bare ground might be just below the couple of inches of new snow. Therefore skiing is not advised until we get a few more inches of new snow. We are hoping there will be enough new snow by January 29, the date of the annual Candlelight Ski at Whitefish Dunes. If there isn’t snow to ski on then it will be a candlelight hike.

Peninsula State Park

Conditions: Closed. We recently received less than one inch of new snow, but there is not enough snow to groom.

Newport State Park

Conditions: Closed. Trails still closed due to lack of snow. Candlelight Ski is scheduled for Saturday, February 12th.

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