Door County Election News – Bemann and Anderson Vie for District 17 County Board Seat

Nancy Bemmann

Age: 62

Education: Stanley-Boyd High School

Occupation: Retired; Door County clerk 1989-1998

Community Involvement: Vice-chairman, Jacksonport Historical Society; Treasurer, Sturgeon Bay Business Women’s Club

What skills and perspective do you bring to the board? Over the years when County Board was in session and various items came up for a vote, I noticed it was difficult for some supervisors to understand the issues at hand. I understood most of the issues however, as Clerk, it was not my place to explain or clarify what board members needed to know.

Having been Administrative Coordinator for ten years, I am familiar with the inner operations of county government. My past experience in county government gives me a distinct advantage not only in explaining the pros and cons of an issue but having the advantage of knowing what questions to ask. Questions that the county board membership may not think of asking.

What priorities should the board address? On a vote of 11 to 10, County Board approved a 12 percent budget increase for 2008. I understand the budget process and because of my familiarity with departments, have some knowledge as to where to look for what is needed as opposed to what is a wish list.

We constantly hear about mandates from our State and Federal Governments. Yes, there are mandates but how much we spend above and beyond the mandate requirements is up to the discretion of an oversight committee and department. Mandates can become an excuse to spend rather than cut.

The responsibility of a County Board Supervisor first and foremost is fiscal management of the County, which in turn serves the best interest of his or her district. Being on a Committee that oversees a department does not mean that each member is to become an advocate for the department and rubber-stamp every request. There’s nothing wrong with being an advocate but it’s important to separate oneself from the department and review the issues at hand for the good of all.

Kari Lee Anderson

Kari Anderson

Age: 51

Education: Monona Grove High School 1974 graduate, Monona, WI; Madison Area Technical College 1976, Commercial Art

Experience: Three terms on county board; currently serving on the following committees: Resource Planning, Emergency Services (chairman); Library Board (President); Property, Community Outreach Program/Long-Term Support (chairman); Door County Board of Adjustment 1996 – 2002; Jacksonport Land Use Planning Committee (chairman) since 2006.

Occupation: Watercolor artist. I work with children in our local schools on watercolor workshops and have been involved with Art-In-Education at Sevastopol School for 15 years. I love working with the kids; their artwork is so refreshing. I also teach at the Peninsula Art School in Fish Creek, and I conduct watercolor workshops at a favorite local restaurant, the Square Rigger Galley in Jacksonport.

What skills and perspective will you bring to the county board? I bring a positive attitude, an open mind, and a sense of humor when the going gets tough. I will also bring with me the knowledge of going through so many issues for the past six years on the county board. There are more issues than the ordinary person would ever imagine. I know many of my constituents very well, they are my friends and neighbors. I feel that I have an ability to talk to people of all walks of life and that we all need to get along with each other. Life is too short to bicker about foolish things. County government does a lot for us in terms of services. We are fortunate to have the services we have. My goal, and I think the goal of the county board for these next two years, will be to maintain what we have and try not to make cuts. Energy costs are hurting us all, fuel prices are driving up costs like crazy for the county. If elected, I will be very dedicated to making cost-conscious decisions and try to get the most for our hard-earned tax dollars.

I supported the Feasibility Study for Schauer Park, the Wind Energy Ordinance, the Land Division Ordinance and several other controversial projects. I believe in long range planning, so that as Door County grows, it will happen in a sensible way. I have worked closely with the town boards of Jacksonport and Baileys Harbor on many issues. I make a point of attending town meetings and taking questions, and making reports on recent issues. If re-elected, I will continue. Thank you for your support.