Door County Favre Fan Doesn’t Waver

Pete D’Amico has been one of Brett Favre’s biggest fans (yes, even bigger than this writer) for nearly 20 years. In Favre’s heyday in Green Bay the restaurateur made his pilgrimage to Kiln, Miss., the lauded quarterback’s hometown. Over the years he established connections with many of the residents of the area and the folks at the famous Broke Spoke bar, eventually bringing many of them back to visit Door County and taking dozens of peninsula residents south to Mississippi.

After Hurricane Katrina devastated the region in 2005, D’Amico spearheaded the Gulf Coast Relief Fund, bringing area residents to Mississippi with building materials to reconstruct homes, repair roofs, and generally do whatever they could to help.

Over time, D’Amico proved to have a knack for being around when sportswriters circled, even now that Favre is across the border in Minneapolis. In today’s St. Petersburg Times, D’Amico talks about the conflict that arises when you’re a lifelong Packer fan, but still in awe of number 4, even in purple.