Door County Living, Late Summer Issue

Door county Living’s, late summer issue arrives today! It will start to get delivered today and will hopefully be out on the shelves by this weekend.

The Wild Tomato is one of our featured restaurants in this issue. Britt and Sarah have a great thing baking and throwin. Their wood fired pizza oven is where they bake their bread fresh every morning and the pies starting at lunch. I am particularly obsessed with this restaurant because I have a Gluten Sensitivity. They cater to my needs by offering a gluten free pizza crust, hamburger buns, and a selection of beers and ciders.

this months Donation Creation, where a $1 of every purchase goes to a local non-profit, is to die for. The Don Ho Super Hawaiian. The name says it all. Only a few more days left for this one so stop in and get one today. I know I will.