Door County Medical Center Receives Grant for Dementia Project

The Door County Medical Center received a grant from the R. Bruce and Alyce Kopseker Trust Fund of the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation for the Dementia Capable Door County project. These funds allow for the Northern Door Aging Network to expand collaborative efforts that increase awareness of aging and dementia-related needs, develop opportunities for learning and support, and promote sustainability of resources.

“We have a passionate group of Northern Door residents and resource providers who are eager to promote a Door County that is even more aging and dementia-friendly,” said Christy Wisniewski, Geriatric Outreach Specialist with Door County Medical Center’s Memory Care Program. “These funds will help us to channel that passion into focused opportunities for all wanting to healthfully age in Door County.” If you would like your voice to be heard regarding Door County’s aging related needs, particularly in Northern Door, contact Wisniewski at 920.746.3504.


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