Door County Reads

It may not be called The Big Read, but Door County will be reading a classic novel this winter and enjoying a wide variety of programming to enhance it, just as it has for the past three winters under “The Big Read Door County.” This year’s selection is Ray Bradbury’s haunting denunciation of censorship, Fahrenheit 451, in which fireman Guy Montag is forced to burn books.

The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) drastically scaled back the popular Big Read program this year to channel resources to other priorities, leaving funding available to less than a third of the communities funded in previous years. Though Door County did not make the cut this year, organizers felt there was such enthusiasm for the program here that they should find a way to make it work without the NEA.

Door County will continue to enjoy reading and learning together this January and February with “Door County Reads” from January 24 to February 18, 2011. The program will be sponsored this year by the Door County Community Foundation and the Friends of Door County Libraries. Additional funding is also being sought.

The Door County Library will coordinate program events using the successful model created by Alan Kopischke of the Peninsula Players. Kopischke will continue to advise, consult with and provide support to the Library staff now assuming primary direction of the project.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury will be available in film, book, audio-book, and graphic novel versions to appeal to all readers.

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