Door County Roads Remain Snow-covered and Slippery

The following update on the condition of Door County roads comes from Door County Highway Commissioner John Kolodziej.

Door County Highway Department crews continued snow and ice control operations at 1:30 am this morning from yesterday’s 10 to 12 inches of snowfall.

At the completion of yesterday’s operations, all state, county, and most town roadways were plowed, but ongoing drifting quickly filled in behind the plows.

As of 4:30 am, the temperature is -4 degrees, with light winds WSW at 6 mph. A very light snow is falling.

Forecast indicates a high temperature of 0 degrees today, with winds increasing to low 20 mph, with gusts up to the low 30 mph beginning at 12 noon. At 3 pm today wind chills are forecast to be -23 degrees, and dropping from there.  

All roads continue to be snow-covered and slippery. Crews have been concentrating on state and county roads and high priority town roads.

Many low volume roadways have not been plowed yet, and are snow covered with drifts.

Crews are in the process of plowing the school lots and should be completed by 5 am. A sand/salt mixture will be applied in lieu of salt due the low temperatures.

Traffic was stopped on the Sister Bay hill around noon Monday when a semi driver apparently attempted to turn onto Hwy 57 in the middle of the hill at the Hwy 42/57 intersection. The truck jackknifed on the hill. Photo by Cole Vanderleest.

The cold conditions make salt use very ineffective, and crews will be applying sand/salt mixture on hills, curves and intersections throughout the day.

The cold conditions are creating a higher than usual mechanical problems with equipment, which is slowing the clean-up efforts.

With the forecast for colder weather for the next few days, all roads will continue to have hard pack snow on them, until temperatures increase to the point that would allow equipment to remove and chemicals to be effective.  

All motorists are advised to slow down, and travel very cautiously considering the road conditions.

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