Door County Supports Peninsula Pride Farms Well Water Program

Door County has signed a letter of support for the Peninsula Pride Farms Water Well program, which helps families in Kewaunee County and Southern Door cover the costs associated with well water tainted by E.coli, no matter the source of the problem. The group will pay for bottled water and a well inspection for homeowners, help cover the costs for a water treatment system if it’s necessary, and pay for servicing the system. The program was introduced by the farmers group in September and immediately accepted by Kewaunee County officials, however Door County operates differently. In a letter to Peninsula Pride Farms signed by county Supervisor Helen Bacon, who chairs the Board of Health committee, and Rhonda Kolberg, director of the county Public Health Dept., they wrote, “It is a laudable undertaking…and one which should help address the impacts of ground water contamination on drinking water and public health.” Southern Door residents who would like to report a tainted well should contact Dale Konkol at the Door County Soil and Water Conservation Dept. (920.746.2214) or County Health Nurse Rhonda Kolberg (920.746.2234).

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