Egg Harbor Galleries Present Progressive Art Crawl

“Passion” by Ginnie Cappaert.

Four Egg Harbor women artists have teamed up to present a Progressive Art Crawl, which takes place in Egg Harbor on Thursday, Aug. 6 from 4-8 pm at the Lost Moth Gallery, Off the Wheel Pottery, Cappaert Contemporary Gallery, and Angela Lensch Gallery.

“We are really in a unique community, where we have so many art galleries, and women owned businesses,” said Angela Lensch, of Angela Lensch Gallery. “So the art collective for the Progressive Art Crawl is really honoring and featuring the four art galleries in the Village of Egg Harbor that are owned by women, and most of the product in everyone’s gallery is produced by women as well.”

The art crawl begins at the Lost Moth Gallery and then continues to Off The Wheel pottery, where, in addition to the art crawl, it is also the opening night of “Face it: Clay Objects Containing a Face.” The Cappaert Contemporary Gallery and Angela Lensch Gallery are also participating in the crawl. At each gallery food will be offered, beginning at Lost Moth, with hors d’oeuvres, and concluding at Angela Lensch Gallery with a chocolate fountain.

Earrings by Angela Lensch.

The Lost Moth Gallery will issue punch cards, or tickets, to each person attending the crawl, and those who make it to all four galleries and have it marked on the card are eligible for prizes and gift cards.

“My gallery was kind of in the middle of a cornfield,” Jeanne Kuhns, owner of The Lost Moth said, “and it got kind of lonely. So it’s been really fun moving to Egg Harbor, and meeting all the women. We all have galleries here and so we just thought we should work together, and get to know each other.”

Kuhns, Rene Schwaller of Off The Wheel Pottery, Angela Lensch, and Ginnie Cappaert have collaborated on the Art Crawl to bring awareness to their galleries, and for women’s art in Door County.

“Free Range” by Jeanne Kuhns.

“We thought, let’s connect all of us so we can get some foot traffic, and people can see what’s here in Egg Harbor, and appreciate different styles of art,” Lensch said. “It’s very fun, and it’s very collaborative, and empowering.”

The galleries are also united by the theme of nature. Kuhns’s artwork includes paintings of chickens escaping a commercial poultry farm, and of polar bears, which symbolize polar bear habitat loss and polar bear deaths due to climate change. The shapes of leaves and the human figure inspire Angela Lensch in her artwork. Her gallery also features portraits of chickens.