Exploring Artists’ Relationships

Artwork by Bill Roberts.

To celebrate their 41st summer season, the Blue Dolphin House and BDH Studio will present a series of events showcasing the relationship artists’ share with their family and friends entitled “Artist, Friends, and Family.”

Pastel artist Bill Roberts’ work, which explores his relationship with nature, will be featured Saturday, June 14 in the Gardens.

Roberts, a former art teacher at Sturgeon Bay High School, states, “My work reflects my relationship with nature, while at the same time simply being bright and playful. To be in the woods, on the water, in the wind or rain or sun, is always an act of discovery…The colors of the earth are gorgeous and obvious, but there is far more.”

He continues, “My work is not a visual replication, but an expression of all the senses. I may transform a cool breeze into lime-green; renewal and growth into blues, pinks, purples, reds; waters into khaki, orange, lemon white; and the passage of time into browns, blacks, or deep forest greens.”

The “Artist, Friends, and Family” demonstrations and exhibitions at Blue Dolphin House and BDH Studio are free and open to the public. Blue Dolphin House is located on the north of Ephraim at 10320 N. Water Street (Hwy 42). For more information, call 920.854.4113 or visit