Fall Golf: A Loosely Held Secret

As the sun begins its angled dip into the southern sky and the county recoils from its congested towns and frantic pace, a new season with an entirely different feel descends upon the peninsula. Northern Wisconsin has long been known for its -annual display of outstanding fall colors. October weekends swell with families fully aware of nature’s show, not to mention multiple seasonal festivals. The golf courses of Door County, however, seem to harbor a loosely held secret – fall is a spectacular time for golfing.

Every fall, Door County golf courses offer unrivaled vistas that players will enjoy for hours. What could be better than playing on lush green fairways flanked by awe-inspiring trees of yellow and orange? Well, for one, golfers can expect fewer crowds, meaning they can take time to enjoy the scenery without feeling that they are holding up the groups behind them. Should they want to, they also have the luxury of pressing on and finishing their round in record time.

Fewer crowds have other benefits. Erik Spengler, head professional at Idlewild Golf Club, located just outside of Sturgeon Bay, states that less golfing traffic “usually means that it is easier to get a desired tee-time. Golfers are not forced to take times that don’t fit their schedules. While us professionals would love to have everyone make a reservation, we know that a lot of people like to just walk on.”

In addition to beautiful surroundings and a more relaxed playing pace, “the weather, while not predictable, can be some of the most enjoyable of the year” according to Spengler. “It is not uncommon to get temperatures into the 70s. Couple this with the fall colors and you have the makings for a very memorable day.”

As an added bonus, Spengler divulges, “Most courses seem to offer fall rates. Golfers will not only save on their greens fees, they will likely be able to save on merchandise in the pro shops. As the season winds down these offers usually get better and better.”

For many in-the-know golfers, capping off the season with fall rounds on Door County courses is an absolute must. Like many of these seasonally-informed golfers, I have no problem sharing this seemingly classified secret. Spengler agrees, saying, “I’ve found over the years that fall golf in Door County is still a hidden gem. I would like to invite every golf enthusiast to come and experience why fall golf in the Door is second to none.”