Final Exhibit of 2018 Season at Fine Line

Four female artists, watercolor artist Jean Crane, ceramic artist Renee Schwaller, oil painter Lois Eakin and mixed media artist Kristy Goggio, headline Fine Line Designs Gallery’s third and final exhibit of the 2018 season. The exhibit opened Aug. 9 with Goggio on hand for an artist demonstra tion on Aug. 10, 11 am – 2 pm. The exhibit runs through Sept. 14.

For more than 40 years, Crane has concentrated her works on the natural world in all of its forms. Whether her subject matter is fresh and lush, or withering and dying, it’s nature in all of its life cycles. Crane says she’s drawn to watercolor because of its transparency and how it captures the light. Schwaller’s latest collection, “we,” centers around unity. Schwaller uses clay as the vessel to create her people, with different painted or carved details as representations. The collection is about embracing differences, understanding our similarities, and working together.

Eakin was heavily influenced by the Dutch masters and the 20th century realists. In Eakin’s pieces, simple and often taken-for-granted objects are beautifully lit, with careful consideration given to the color, value and edges of her subjects. Goggio’s mixed media works have centered around a few steady themes, women and birds, for much of her art career. A nod to Mother Nature and femininity, Goggio’s use of the female figure in her pieces portrays the essence of giving relationships.

Fine Line Designs Gallery is located in north Ephraim.

For more information visit or call 920.854.4343.

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