Gastrointestinal Outbreak at Sandpiper Restaurant

Door County Public Health Department, working in collaboration with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, is investigating an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness associated with a breakfast event that was held on May 3 at the Sandpiper Restaurant in Baileys Harbor. The Health Department has interviewed 84 of the 117 attendees and employees. Of those interviewed, more than 40 people have reported illness. The investigation into this illness outbreak is ongoing. Three stool sample results from ill individuals, tested at the WI State Lab of Hygiene, have tested positive for norovirus. There have been outbreaks of norovirus throughout northeastern Wisconsin since January. Following the protocols required for a norovirus outbreak, precautions have been taken by the restaurant to sanitize surfaces that may have come into contact with this virus. This is a virus that can spread person-to-person, by contaminated food or water, or by touching contaminated surfaces. A well water test sample was completed, and the water was determined to be “bacteriologically safe” with no coliform and/or E. coli found.

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