“Ghosts of Door County” Premieres at Sturgeon Bay Cinema

Ghosts of Door County, a 90-minute, full-feature film, follows a team of five highly 
trained paranormal investigators as they explore various “haunted” 
sites in Door County.

The team of investigators will take the audience on a tour of several
 of the area’s most reportedly “haunted” locations and investigate
the many rumors that surround the region’s resident phantoms and 
age-old legends. Along the way, they’ll meet the colorful people as they explore the haunted sites.

In the end, the team will pass judgment on the validity of these haunted locales using high-tech scientific equipment, combined with years of experience and firsthand personal accounts.

The film’s theatrical premiere is set for Oct. 25 at 7 pm at the Sturgeon Bay Cinema, located at 1820 Alabama Street. The film will continue to run daily through Halloween 2013. The premiere is open to the general public tickets can be purchased at the box office. For more information visit

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