Gibraltar Fire Department Creating List for At-Risk Population

The Gibraltar Fire Department is assembling a list of Gibraltar residents who might be at risk during a natural disaster. 

“If something does happen, like a flood or a heavy snowstorm, we’ll have a list, and we can go check on these people,” said Gibraltar Fire Chief Andy Bertges during a Feb. 1 town board meeting. 

The at-risk population includes residents who depend on electricity for heat and medical devices, those who need daily medications, and those who are elderly or have disabilities, according to a post on the Town of Gibraltar’s website.

That post includes a form (available at through which residents can request placement on the at-risk list, either for themselves or on behalf of loved ones.

Bertges said the fire department also received a list of contacts from Door County Public Health, and in the future, his department could work with the Door County Medical Center’s Fish Creek clinic and the Aging and Disability Resource Center in Sturgeon Bay to expand the list.

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