Letter to the Editor: Granary Could Be a Future Icon

The Teweles and Brandeis granary has been a part of the westside waterfront since 1901. In 2012 it was purchased by the city in a parcel and at the urging of city leaders and consultants was left standing though all other structures were demolished. It is too bad the granary was not maintained back then by the city.

The history of the granary is impressive if you bother to read up on it or ask local historians.

It would still be in its original spot if not for a vengeful past administrator who had some score to settle I presume. We have many huge structures on our waterfront but not any, to my knowledge, displaying historical contributions to our past and it is a pity that those that did were all razed. I have faith from the plans that have been shared and the people hired to do the work that the granary will also be an icon in the future. Private funds are paying for the renovations. By Wisconsin state constitution a private developer can not build on this site. This means if we do not utilize the historic granary the taxpayers will be footing the bill for a structure to take its place.

Thanks to dedicated community activists we still have the Michigan street bridge which at one time was set for demolition as well. It is now used in most of Sturgeon Bays photos and tourism brochures.

Liz Orlock

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin