Help A Bartender Help A Friend

Jennie Bexell, a bartender at the AC Tap in Baileys Harbor, is making a simple gesture to help a friend and co-worker tonight. Debbie Franke is having surgery soon, and though her procedure will be covered by Badger Care, she won’t be able to work for six weeks. To lend a hand, Bexell will donate all the tips she earns tonight to Franke to help her get by while she’s out of work.

“Being in the service industry,” Bexell says, “I can relate to the constant fear of getting sick and not having any money coming in, so I wanted to do something for her…It’s a tiny thing for me to do for someone that does so much for me.”

If you want to help Franke out, just stop by to eat, or have a drink, or just throw some beanbags, and leave a tip knowing it will do, and mean, just a little bit more to a neighbor tonight. Bexell will be behind the bar from 6pm – 2am.