How Students Stay Connected during a Quarantine

The Peninsula Pulse has dedicated a page in each issue from April 24 – May 22 for the students of each Door County high school. This week we feature the work of Sturgeon Bay student writers.

by Ava Carmody, Senior

In high school, things are constantly changing: last-minute schedule changes, plans for life out of high school and changing as an individual. But even with all the change happening around us in our everyday life, nothing could really prepare us for the change that this pandemic has brought. 

What hasn’t changed is our need for social interaction, for connection with one another. Not being able to see people face to face has made students creative in the ways they are still building relationships and connecting with others.

We are fortunate to be living in the age of having technology at our fingertips, so friends are only a tap away. Relying on technology to stay connected to the ones we love has now become integrated into our daily lives. 

We are swapping weekend get-togethers for scheduled Zoom hangouts. Substituting drives around town for groups of friends with their cars parked in a circle, being able to see each other from a safe distance. Trading a birthday celebration for a loud, car-horn-honking, sign-waving, balloon-decorated car parade. Soon we will be able to hug one another, laugh with each other and be there for each other. 

All that high school seniors want to do is spend these months enjoying our last moments in high school. It’s definitely a big change, but something that I’ve learned from being in the Class of 2020 is that we persevere, and we are resilient. Seeing our community come together to lift us up during this trying time is something that has not only connected all of us as a class, but it has connected us as a community as well.