Isadoora Seeks Community Members for Artistic Committee

The Isadoora Artistic Committee is welcoming the public to participate in choosing plays to be performed by Isadoora Theatre Company. The committee is a group of community members who are interested in reading and researching plays and musicals and deciding those works’ relationship to Isadoora’s mission.

Isadoora’s mission is an intentionally vague one: “…to celebrate theatre through its basic elements of movement, music, story and thought. Isadoora Theatre provides theatrical experiences of intellectual integrity fulfilled by open self-examination and artistic risk for the educational and cultural enrichment of our community.”

The Artistic Committee is to be composed of community members who know, and indeed are, the pulse of the community and whose job it is to choose works that speak to the Door County community.The committee meets about once or twice a month for four months over the winter. They sift through plays and musicals that have been suggested as possible Isadoora material, researching several of them and reading a handful of them. They discuss their feelings about the works, and they discuss if and how a particular work fits with Isadoora’s mission. They decide on a “short list” of works that they think would be a good fit for Isadoora’s next season that they hand over via the artistic director to the Isadoora Board.

For more information or to participate call 920.493.3667 or email [email protected]. To learn more about Isadoora Theatre Company visit or