IT Committee Updates & DOT Road Certification

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove, providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors with tid bits of information about goings on in Town Government.

• The IT Committee had a presentation by Rick Bochek of Bochek Computers regarding the option of using an LCD TV for electronic presentations at board and other public meetings. The committee had been considering utilizing a newer projector. In both instances the equipment would be tied to a computer as is the case currently. The LCD provides many additional options and would not require the meeting lights to be dimmed. The committee will be putting together pricing options for their next meeting.

The committee also discussed the Aug. 15 regular board meeting presentation by Frank Maydak of Frontier Communications, which is in the process of installing and updating equipment to provide high speed internet to its customers in Door County. Maydak explained the process Frontier is implementing in reaching as many customers as possible. The board felt it would be useful to have Maydak return so that more citizens could be present. High speed internet has been an on going concern for both the IT Committee and Economic Sustainability Committee.

• The town has received notification from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that it has begun its annual local road certification. The annual certification of road mileage, due no later than December 15th, may be used to determine the distribution of transportation aids. State Statutes require town, village, county and cities to file a certified plat of the municipality or county showing the highways under its jurisdiction and the mileage open and used for travel as of the succeeding January 1.

The Town of Liberty Grove has 96.30 miles of roads under its jurisdiction. In addition, the county has 14.13 miles of roads within Liberty Grove.

• The Economic Sustainability Committee has recommended to the town board the purchase of two parcels in Ellison Bay following a discussion of possible locations for a welcome center. Door County North has been urging the town to acquire those parcels to be utilized as a parking area, park and location of a welcome center with public restrooms. Unlike cities and villages, who do not need citizen approval, State Statutes provide the town’s electorate must authorize the town board to purchase property.